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Continue Education Training (CET) 
For Direct Care Workers(DCW)

Please read befo
re you purchase

All CET Videos have an online test. After the conclusion of the training, you will receive a certificate. Certificates are granted after a passing score of 70% or higher and can be printed or emailed for your records. A membership sign-up is required to access the videos and test. You have the option to purchase a lifetime subscription or a yearly subscription, or you can rent. You have unlimited access to the videos and test if a subscription is purchased. If you rent, you have 48 hours to complete the training. Videos will need to be rerented if not completed in the time frame allotted.

These Videos are non-refundable after purchase!

After the video is purchased, you will be given a password to access the test.

 These CET videos are for non-medical Caregivers and Direct Care Workers(DCW). 
Thank you for choosing Training Hearts for the DCW Continuing Education Training.  


Lifetime subscription

$500.00 per Video

Yearly subscription

$200.00 per Video

48 hours Rental 

$10.00 per video

Caregiver 101
2 Credit Hours

Caregiving 101
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Diabetes 101 for Caregivers
2 Credit Hours